Awesome, simple and affordable contact management system!

Oprius 180x150Manage your daily tasks, build your relationships, and turn contacts into customers; all in one place, available all the time and from anywhere you want to work.

Oprius allows distributors to import data and get to work immediately. The service is designed for ease-of-use, so anyone with basic computer skills can quickly learn the intuitive navigation.

The subscription-based internet service was created especially for network marketing and uses the same secure technology as online banking, making your information safe at all times.

Use your calendar and define the tasks you need to accomplish. Review your contacts, assign them to groups, and make them an integral part of your sales process. In the Relationship Builder, you can create and schedule sales campaigns that address whole groups of customers in a pre-defined, step-by-step process.

The Phone Assistant gives an overview of your up-coming calls from which you can focus in on each contact and the next steps you want to take. It allows you to schedule phone appointments — using your calendar — and shows each contact’s details and call history. In addition, pre-defined and proven call scripts — all part of the package — can be associated with any selected contact, which can help greatly in closing your sales.