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Are you committing Power Point suicide?

It’s sad to see that many keynote’s or power point presentations are still basically tons of text that the viewers can read themselves (which sadly the presenter does for them) or they include ridiculous graphs that no one really cares about. This slide show below hits on all cylinders when it comes to connecting with …

Is a Call Center in your future?

For many small, medium and large companies outsourcing to a call center is a great way to create more sales and help existing customers with tech support and customer support needs. While some larger companies have the money, time and resources to form their own call center, most smaller and mid-sized businesses choose to let a call center outsourcing company do the heavy lifting for them.

5 Tips for Using Video to Grow Your Business in 2010

It’s no secret that online video is hot. A recent study by comScore revealed that in October 2009, more than 167 million viewers in the U.S. watched an average of 167 videos each, while YouTube () reached 1 billion views per day – or 41 million views per hour – …

Social Networking for Business

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Due to the file size I had to upload a fairly small video. I will try to break this down into smaller segments in the future and upload in multiple parts.

Statistics on social networking and work

A recent Computerworld article reported some some surprising research discoveries:
• 54% of U.S. companies have banned employees from social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace
• 19% of companies allow social networking for business purposes only
• 16% allow limited personal use
• 10% of 1,4000 CIOs said companies allow workers full access to social networking …