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The times they are a changin’…

Wow! Now this is a pretty crazy infograph. My how the times have changed. I remember having only one or two computers and it was only DOS! Heck, even when I started at the local community college they only had a few pc’s and they were DOS as well!!! Glad we’re not dealing with that …

Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh)

great video on how social media can help your business grow…

ShiftPlanning Makes Setting Schedules for Businesses Easy

Name: ShiftPlanning ()
Quick Pitch: ShiftPlanning Provides free employee scheduling tools to businesses of all sizes.
Genius Idea: ShiftPlanning is a web-based tool for companies that want a way to easily and efficiently manage work schedules and availability.
Schedule management, especially for companies or individuals who work remotely, can be difficult. Sure, you can …

Photosynth for Bing Maps gives us a taste of augmented reality's future

Wow! This integration into Bing maps is stunning. It really shows where the future of navigation and augmented reality is blending together. It should make for interesting vacations πŸ™‚ Are you on the map? If not, you’d certainly want to be. Imagine someone looking up your location on Bing only to find bland photo’s or …

MoGo Talk Bluetooth Headset for iPhone 3GS

The bluetooth headset and case from Mogo is revolutionary in it’s design. Not only is it cool to have my headset incoporated into my case for my iPhone but this is the slimmest bluetooth headset ever made! I’ve always hated having to carry around my headset separately and really don’t like having to use the …

Infusionsoft Easy & Beautiful Email – 2010 Winter Release

This is a pretty awesome email marketing service. They are really working hard on making this seamless, easy and extremely functional. I highly recommend Infusionsoft for your CRM, email marketing and e-commerce needs!

Siri Assistant Turns Your iPhone into a Personal Assistant

At the beginning of the week, Dag Kittlaus wrote a post for Mashable about the birth of the virtual assistant. Today, Dag’s company, Siri, is releasing its iPhone app, Siri Assistant. Siri helps people get things done, by combining intelligent voice recognition with hooks into tons of different web services, making it easy for people …

Monsanto is at it again

I received the following email from the makers of “Fresh the Movie”. I thought it was important so I’m posting it here. Hopefully you think it’s important too and will help stop this non-sense!
Genetic food giant Monsanto is at it again. Its next target: a new product that could eliminate all organic alfalfa, a key … The Pros and Cons of the Google Nexus One As An Enterprise Phone

I thought you’d be interested in this blog post I found using Regator:
The Pros and Cons of the Google Nexus One As An Enterprise Phone

Coolest new Tablet pc coming soon! You gotta see this thing!

This is pretty amazing! Looks like an oversized pda type of cell phone but with much more capability. It has a wierd/cool new optical mouse too. Check out the video. I bet you’ve never seen anything like this before!

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5 Tips for Using Video to Grow Your Business in 2010

It’s no secret that online video is hot. A recent study by comScore revealed that in October 2009, more than 167 million viewers in the U.S. watched an average of 167 videos each, while YouTube () reached 1 billion views per day – or 41 million views per hour – …

TimeDriver – A revolutionary online personal appointment scheduler

Here is an interesting piece of technology for helping with scheduling appointments. Looks pretty handy and affordable too. It also seems pretty painless and with how lot’s of professionals now sync a smartphone of some sort to their calendar a service like this could keep them up to date without having to personally answer the …