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iPhone apps I’m currently using

Here are some screenshots of the apps Im currently using and testing on my iPhone. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions I’d love to hear them!
Enjoy 🙂

Awesome, simple and affordable contact management system!

Manage your daily tasks, build your relationships, and turn contacts into customers; all in one place, available all the time and from anywhere you want to work.

Oprius allows distributors to import data and get to work immediately. The service is designed for ease-of-use, so anyone with basic computer skills can quickly learn the intuitive navigation.
The …

SNEAK PEEK: Twitter’s Creator Shows Off His New iPhone Project [VIDEO]


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Social Networking for Business

Click here to watch
Due to the file size I had to upload a fairly small video. I will try to break this down into smaller segments in the future and upload in multiple parts.

Statistics on social networking and work

A recent Computerworld article reported some some surprising research discoveries:
• 54% of U.S. companies have banned employees from social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace
• 19% of companies allow social networking for business purposes only
• 16% allow limited personal use
• 10% of 1,4000 CIOs said companies allow workers full access to social networking …

Social Networking in a Nut Shell

I have been dabbling in social networking for a little while now and am finding it to be quite educational, fun and intellectually and financially rewarding. I thought I’d put together the bulk of what I’ve been using and learning about and share them with whoever is interested. That is what I’ve done here. I’ve …