MoGo Talk Bluetooth Headset for iPhone 3GS

The bluetooth headset and case from Mogo is revolutionary in it’s design. Not only is it cool to have my headset incoporated into my case for my iPhone but this is the slimmest bluetooth headset ever made! I’ve always hated having to carry around my headset separately and really don’t like having to use the corded versions, especially when getting into and out of the car. I no longer have that problem with my Mogo headset!

I saw a design similar to this on and LG? phone or something like that offered by Verizon a while back and always wondered why manufacturers don’t/didn’t offer this kind of thing more often, especially since some states, mine included (CA), require the use of a headset if using the phone while driving. Fumbling around with a corded headset is worse than just holding the phone to my head, in my opinion.

This headset works great! It is loud enough, very clear, connects fast and easily, stays put pretty well (don’t expect to go jogging with it but hey, it’s an earpiece and not headphones right!). I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about losing my headset or searching my pocket for it in a hurry.

The case fits great too. I actually broke my case while trying to insert the charging cable (I can be kind of clumsy sometimes) and when I contacted the manufacturer they offered to send me a new case no charge! I thought, wow, now if only all manufacturers were this gracious 🙂 Well, it didn’t stop there. They OVER DELIVERED BY INCLUDING A BRAND NEW HEADSET ALONG WITH THE NEW CASE FREE!!!! (and charging cord too)I was surprised the headset was there and didn’t want to get charged so I called and they said,

“Thanks for the follow up.  Yes, we want to “over deliver” on the support of our early adopters.  If you’re happy – please tell the world!   (maybe a good post on the Apple website)   We did have a batch of products that had your problem so we’re trying to make everyone happy and in love with MoGo products.”

So, I did post a good review on Apple’s site and am now blogging about it here. I figured it’s the least I could do for such great

service. I think a lot of us get so accustomed to poor service that we fail to recognize the one’s who over deliver. Who do you think provides a great product and/or service? Let us know in the comments below!

BTW, they make a version for the Blackberry and one for your pc to use with Skype too!