Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my site to get to know me. For as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in technology and media. I’ve always been an ambitious person, starting my first “job” at 13 years old, working as an independent business man on my paper route. Having to take responsibility for everything with that type of job planted seeds in me to become a serial entrepreneur, always looking for new things to discover and succeed at.

Outside of work I’ve been a big fan of playing music. I started playing the guitar when I was about 10 years old (unfortunately gave it up a few years later for football),  learned the drums late in high school and was even part of a band for a little while, though we never actually performed at any events. I’m just now picking up the guitar again and hope to get another drum set soon as well (kind of hard to play the drums in my condo!).

I wouldn’t say I’m a huge sports fan but I do like to watch boxing, mixed martial arts and football fairly regularly. I was named after Muhammad Ali by my father, (from his original name of Cassius Clay) and Ali has continued to be a hero of mine.

I met my wife, Martha, in Capitola in 1999 and we were engaged 4 years later. We were married in 2005 in Santa Cruz, CA on a bluff in front of the lighthouse overlooking the ocean and boardwalk. It was a beautiful day and I was lucky enough to have all of my closest friends and family be a part of our special day. We are hoping to start a family soon and we’re looking forward to doing some traveling as well. She’s my best friend and I just know our future together will be bright.

I have one younger brother, Justin, who lives in Lacy, Washington with his wife Melissa and their two sons, Gage and Collin. I wish they didn’t live so far so we could see each other more often. Fortunately my mom is still in San Jose and we see each other often, which is nice. I miss my dad though, who passed away in April of 2009.

Well, I don’t know what else to write here without going into too much detail but if you’d like to know more just drop me a line here or connect with me via any of the social networks I’m a part of.

Make it a great day!