Photosynth for Bing Maps gives us a taste of augmented reality's future

Wow! This integration into Bing maps is stunning. It really shows where the future of navigation and augmented reality is blending together. It should make for interesting vacations 🙂 Are you on the map? If not, you’d certainly want to be. Imagine someone looking up your location on Bing only to find bland photo’s or just a map. Blagh! That’s not good for your image or marketing! Why not jazz things up by snapping some interesting photo’s and hosting them on Flickr so they “augment” what your viewers/visitors see about your business online? Maybe even some video. Heck, you could even broadcast a live event and tweet about it to promote it. Share it on Facebook too! Do everything you can to increase your market share.

With tools like Bing maps’ augmented reality and the increasing popularity of social media it’s becoming easier and easier to leverage these tools to drive business and the great part is it’s all FREE! There are no excuses for not doing these types of things to get more business. If you don’t have time or the knowledge to get it done, hire someone to do it for you! There are lot’s of great avenues for that, such as outsourcing it to someone overseas! For example, 123employee and AskSunday promote their skills in this area. Making excuses will not make you money.

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