Social Networking in a Nut Shell

I have been dabbling in social networking for a little while now and am finding it to be quite educational, fun and intellectually and financially rewarding. I thought I’d put together the bulk of what I’ve been using and learning about and share them with whoever is interested. That is what I’ve done here. I’ve included some links to some valuable social networking sites and tools. Please keep in mind that I am not a professional social networker and have just been experimenting with it a bit, but have really taken a liking to it. Feel free to use this information as you wish.

Here are the links: huge social networking site! tips and more about Facebook, it’s history and where it’s going. tips on how to effectively use your Facebook page. social bookmarks (web based bookmarks that you share with others and they share with you) social/business networking site. More of a resume posting tool than anything but still good to have. You can update your status here and incorporate your blog feeds and more. like linkedin but not as popular yet, although has great tools and alerts you when someone “searches” for you on google syndication site for posting status updates to multiple different social networking sites and blogs Outlook plug in for Facebook outlook plugin for twitter posting microblogging site a tool for being alerted when someone “tweets” to you directly or with your name in their tweet (or any keywords you wish to be alerted to, kind of like Google alerts) resource page for twitter tools and associated sites twitter toolbar for your browser with built in tools, tips and more twitter browser plugin for sharing and tracking your “tweets” life coaches on twitter that will send you daily messages for a positive mental attitude. I highly recommend! allows you to manage multiple twitter accounts, have multiple “authors or posters” per account, and have pre-scheduled tweets go out from multiple accounts (kind of like a drip campaign) great tool for finding out what people are talking about on twitter a tweet directory of sorts. you can post your profile in categories here post to twitter with your voice from your phone by calling a number and speaking your tweet for when you want to post more than 140 characters on twitter just plain cool, no matter how you slice it! I love that the government is finally embracing technology to stay in touch with the public. They’re using YouTube too, in case you didn’t know. find out how much time you spend on twitter a twitter group for real estate agents (you can just go to if you like and search for which ever group you’d like to join/follow/start) custom twitter backgrounds/wallpaper for fun or self promotion works like a drip campaign for twitter, also lets you auto follow your followers back, instantly sends a tweet to your followers, and sends you a daily tally of your direct tweets a search engine for twitter another search engine for twitter a URL shortener for posting links in twitter without exceeding the 140 character limit. Works great for the curiosity approach for your followers as well. Gets them to click the link because they can’t see where it leads. There is also a browser plugin you can drag and drop for easy use another URL shortener another URL shortener, this one I use the most because I can convert a site to a short url just by right clicking and selecting “create tiny url”, then the link is already on my “clipboard” for me to post to twitter/facebook or wherever find out how you can improve your Twitter account by get “graded” find out how you can improve your Facebook account by get “graded” allows you to share photos via twitter user and topic search tool for twitter the best tool for finding power users of twitter to follow and learn from, and possibly share with, if they follow you back great tool that allows you to share pictures from your mobile phone and automatically publish them on social networks and photosharing sites, tell your friends where you are and what you are doing and automatically add your location to your pictures and status updates. awesome desktop software for twitter. Very handy. You can make groups of your favorite followers, use a tag cloud to find out what’s popular at the moment, keep track of your direct messages, and stay up on your twitter feed/who your following without having to constantly refresh your browser. another socialnetworking site kind of like twitter but more advanced. Here’s a tip: there is a Facebook application for this you can add to your Facebook page. You can also cross post to other sites with this site/tool. There is a great video on the site that tells you how you can use this. this is another social networking “tool” that is pretty cool. You can update your status and read your friends’ status across all main microblogging and social networks all at once. You can even share photos, videos and music from here and cross post to other sites as well. another social networking site that cross posts to other social sites such as twitter and facebook. Also, you can set this site up so if you use Delicious social bookmarks, and you bookmark a site (pending you have it set up to share) a link will be posted to friendfeed of the site you just bookmarked and then cross posted to facebook and twitter (or wherever else). This is a great way to share websites you like with others. I use it all of the time. Profilactic is a social media aggregator/lifestreaming service that pulls together just about everything you and your friends create online. It supports 190 social sites by default; however, you can add as many custom sites as you’d like. It also integrate seamlessly with WordPress, so you can add a lifestream to your blog. social survey tool This is pretty cool. It’s like Twitter but for private use within your company, and it’s free. There is an iPhone application and a desktop application too! a social video posting site another social video posting site I’m sure you may have heard of this one but it’s great, it’s free and it’s an awesome tool for “showing someone how to do something or asking how to do something” by capturing your screen and microphone and allowing you to email a link to the captured video to a friend within minutes (or save and share on YouTube! for tutorials or something like that) syndication site for posting a video to multiple sites all at one time through this one portal site a great way to stay in touch with your database via email (video email that is) and it’s free. They even have a browser plugin for easy use.

since I’m kind of covering video here I’ll throw in a link to a site that covers some great tips on producing good videos: a site/tool that is a portal window into your email inbox and multiple social networking sites all in one place combined “inbox” for your email, facebook messages, myspace messages and twitter messages a site to create your own social networks! a site/tool you can use to stay up on things you’re interested in. another very popular social networking tool. You build a “lens” to promote what you’re into and then promote it. You can actually make money with these too. Lot’s of people build these and then post links to them on twitter. You can incorporate Google adsense into it as well, I believe. Here are some examples and another huge social networking tool that I have a page on but tend to stay away from because my personal opinion is that it’s more for the youth generation and not for business/adult users. Just my take.

OK, I think that’s more than enough to be overwhelmed at this point. The trick is to start with the basics.

1. Create Facebook and Twitter accounts (at least)

2. Start getting used to using each of those and update your bio’s and contact info

3. Start “friending” and “following” people you admire, like, trust, respect and want to learn from

4. Actually USE these great tools. Don’t be afraid. If your kids can do it, I’m sure you’ll be fine!

5. Pick one additional tool per week to learn and incorporate (unless you can handle more)

6. Search YouTube for tutorials on Facebook and Twitter, or anything you want to learn!!!

I hope this helps and you are at least a little less intimidated with social networking.

Oh, and last but least, “friend” and “follow” ME!!!! I’d be happy to help you in any way I can and I’d love to be your friend too!